The Anguilla Summer Festival Story

A Letter From The Hon Minister of Education & Social Development & Creative Industries

The Hon. Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers.

Welcome to Anguilla, the island paradise known as “Rainbow City”, where a single ray of light on our turquoise waters bends into a kaleidoscope of colours. The world of experiences here are brighter than those outside the arch of this balmy paradise.

This is your invitation to the 50th celebration of the Anguilla Summer Festival 2024 - "The Family Reunion". Join us in a unique journey across land and sea as we follow behind the slicing of waters in boats with lines streamed as though carved in God’s own palms. Prepare your bodies to glisten and glimmer with water as we honour our emancipation along streets strewn with the blossoms of cedar trees and the sweet melodic sounds that transport us from the humdrum of our daily lives.

Bare witness to our golden sun kissed coastlines in an exhilarating high speed Poker Run. Jump and wave from dawn to dusk as we party at the Caribbeans best day break fete EWS. Engross yourself in our culture as we listen to the sharp puns and witty tales of our calypsonians and watch the multifaceted young men and women in our pageants. Sample food that can only be described as divinely inspired. Be caught in the infectious laughter of our people as we celebrate our golden jubilee.

Come to Anguilla.

Come to Rainbow City.

Marvel at our rainbow, the bridge that only God can take between heaven and the earth. And see why he’s kept us a secret for so long.

Warm regards,

Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers

Meet Our Chairpersons Over The Past 50 Years

Fritzroy “Briggy” Tomlinson - Festival Co-ordinator - 2001 - 2009

The Anguilla Cultural and Social Society aka (CULTURE) Group, consisted of Colonel Harrigan, Bernice & Ronetta Fahie, Florence Hodge, George Brooks, and Elliot Richardson.

List provided courtesy of the Anguilla Archeological and Historical Society.