Pantha Vibes International

Pantha Vibes International

Lanvol “Pantha” Hughes, Pantha as he is affectionately called hails from the stunning Caribbean island of Anguilla. He started his musical journey in the early 90’s at the tender age of 16 singing with the Mussington Brothers Band.  This lasted for some six years. His love for music definitely didn’t stop there, he went on to sing with the Vito Band 1997-1998, Better Band 1999 - 2005 creating many hits along the way.

Lanvol held the title of Soca Groovy, and Road March for many years with hits such as Raise de Roof, Imagine, Buss it, Make it Rain, Power and much more..

Lanvol got a breakthrough to sing overseas with the awesome Jam Band International in 2006, he was featured in one the most popular song: Whole mouth over de hole. After releasing several hits throughout his musical career Lanvol decided to form his own band namely; Pantha Vibes International in 2007.

Additionally, Lanvol performed at many events in his hometown, regionally and internationally, namely, the United Kingdom, United States & BVI. He is still very active and is a household name in many Caribbean islands.

 Instagram: @pvipantha