Porkyman & The BPlus Band

Porkyman & The BPlus Band

The B-Plus Band was started in 2017. Founding members of the band are Wayne “Porkyman” Hodge, leader of the band and Kyle “Brooksie” Brooks on keyboards. The band currently consists of four (4) members. Other current members include, Troy Bartley on bass and Fred York on drums.

Wayne “Porkyman” Hodge has been involved in Carnival in Anguilla for over 33 years and produced over 22 albums. He has also written hit songs for many artistes, who won various titles with his lyrics.

The Band plays a variety of genres, namely soca, zouk, and reggae. They play at various events both locally and overseas. Some of their productions include hit songs such as “All I Have Is Love”, “Carnival, We Miss You”, “Best Life”, and “We Alone”, just to name a few.

Their music can be found on various platforms such as Youtube , Facebook @ “Porkyman and the BPlus Band”, and SoundCloud.

Bookings: 1-264-476-8562 

Facebook: Porkyman and the BPlus Band