Viggy Da Artist

Viggy Da Artist

Born with a passion for music flowing through my veins, I embarked on my musical journey by competing in the junior calypso competition for four consecutive years. Though soca was my true calling, I initially felt hesitant, thinking I was too young to soca. However, at the age of 12, I joined my first band, marking the beginning of an unstoppable trajectory in the music industry. Over the years, I contributed my talents to three soca bands until I took the leap into my solo career at 20.

In 2019, I made my solo debut with the release of Insane, a single that sparked a transformative chapter in my career. Throughout the past five years, I dedicated myself to networking with renowned artists, producers, and writers across the region. This collaboration led to the creation of several hits, including All We Know, I Love It, Endless, and Road featuring Rae.

One of the pinnacle moments of my journey came when I graced the stage at the STT Carnival, sharing performances with icons like Machel Montano and Adam O. This experience represented the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, highlighting my evolution as an artist.

As I reflect on this fulfilling journey, I eagerly anticipate the future, embracing the unknown with excitement and determination. Each milestone and collaboration has shaped my artistry, propelling me towards new horizons and opportunities that lie ahead.

Instagram: @viggydaartist