DJ Tights

DJ Tights

Dellon Romney, also known as “Tights” or DJ Tights, developed an enthusiasm and passion for music at a tender age. In his leisure time, he would spend hour after hour listening to some of his favourite Disc Jockeys (DJs), which include; Fat Fingers, Bass Odessy Sound, Firelinks and Stone Love Sound International. DJ Tights’ passion grew intensely as he listened to the mixes of other DJs and live performances of his favourite artists, along with the thoughts of, “how they do it”.

He was strongly influenced by Stone Love and artists such as Biggie Smalls, C-murder and Bounty Killer. DJ Tights enthusiasm and passion became a reality when he decides to try out DJing (DJ) and played his first DJ performance “on the block” in Blowing Point for his family and friends, where they were amazed by his selection and mixture of songs to keep his crowd grooving throughout the evening.

DJ Tights migrated to the United Kingdom to further his studies and while living overseas, he thought it would be a great idea in his leisure time to expose himself to the music industry through DJing. He commenced his DJ journey in 2015, with his first official gig at a birthday party in London. He was enthusiastic about the gig and was very much surprised and pleased with the outcome and feedback from the attendees.

The exposure propelled him to excel in his DJ career as he received requests to DJ for events such as weddings, clubs, and parties, where he became a favourite of many. DJ Tights returned to Anguilla and quickly became a DJ favourite of many as word spreads throughout our beautiful island. DJ Tights always aim to bring satisfaction to the people by entertaining his crowd of any age range and you are always guaranteed a good time.

He plays all genres of music and for any crowd or events including weddings, birthdays, clubs, villa parties, sporting events and private events. He is dedicated to his career and it can be seen through his demeanour when he is playing. DJ Tights can always be found in his leisure time downloading new music, playing music and creating mixes.

His love for DJing grows stronger each time he plays and he enjoys watching the expressions of his crowd have a good time whether it be dancing, waving of hands, nodding of heads to the music or money pull-ups. At present, he is better than he ever imagined and hopes that one day he will be one of the best DJs in Anguilla and the Caribbean.