DJ Stylez

DJ Stylez

Inspired by the rhythmic melodies that filled his childhood home, DJ Stylez traces his passion for music back to his roots. It was his father, a connoisseur of music and host of many family gatherings, who ignited the spark that would later fuel his journey behind the decks.

From humble beginnings of playing tunes from his phone at intimate house parties in 2016, DJ Stylez witnessed the transformative power of music firsthand. The energy and joy radiating from family and friends as they moved to his selections became the driving force behind his pursuit of a DJ career and has been the motivation behind the 8-year span of his career.

Having graced the stages of numerous Carnival events over the years, DJ Stylez has become a strong proponent of the festivities. For him, Carnival isn't just about music; it's a celebration of unity, culture, and community. 

Contact Information:
Phone: 1-264-584-0584
Category: DJ/Entertainer

Instagram: @djstylezmusic