Roxanne ‘Roxxy’ Webster, a dynamic 31-year-old from St. Martin and Anguilla, began her journey in music at age 11. Excelling in both Junior and Senior Calypso Monarch competitions, she's become a prominent figure in Caribbean music.

Roxxy decided to also display her love for Soca when she released hits like ‘DELETE’, ‘FEARLESS BUMPA’ and ‘CARNIVAL SYMPTOMS ’ these tracks are a few of many that have earned her acclaim regionally, and landed her victories in Anguilla competitions.

Notable performances alongside artists like Calypso Rose and Destra Garcia showcase her energy and dedication. Roxxy holds a total of 1 Power Soca monarch title, 2 Leeward Island Calypso Monarch titles, 3 Groovy Soca Monarch titles, 4 National Calypso Monarch titles, and 5 Junior Calypso Monarch titles. Presently, she is also the 2023 reigning Calypso Monarch of Anguilla. 

Follow Roxxy’s vibrant musical journey on social media @roxxymusic for more.

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