Mr. Decent

Mr. Decent

Darrel Connor aka Mr. Decent is a dynamic and renowned Artist and Entertainer
with a deeply rooted musical inclination and musical background. From a tender
age he has been profoundly passionate about music and the art of entertainment.

With over 30yrs of experience, his development thrived through entertainment provided by individual and collective efforts and performances. He is the Lead Singer of the Musical Brothers Band and Manager of Decent Entertainment. Additionally, he holds the following titles; Groovy Soca Monarch King (2012-
2013, 2016-2017 and 2023-2024) and Power Soca Monarch King (2016-2017,
2018-2021 and 2023-2024) as well as, runner up titles in the Calypso Monarch
over the past 8 years.

Mr. Decent executes powerful performances via the “WOW factor” with a sense of sophistication, professionalism and interaction that imprints a truly memorable experience. This is proven through the calibre of diversified sound through a plethora of genres and the entertainment appeal that is guaranteed to captivate. Mr. Decent prides on a level of entertainment which embodies the offering of “Decent Music for Decent People”.

Name: Darrel Connor
Address: South Hill Anguilla
Cont # : 1 (264) 235 7925